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23 January 2019The Queen of instruments: the lute within old master paintings
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25 September 2019Chinese court costume and dress accessories of the Qing dynasty: a journey through the imperial wardrobe
23 October 2019Betty Joel: glamour and innovation in 1930’s interior design
27 November 2019Double Dutch: symbols, emblems and double entendre in Dutch genre painting

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The Queen of instruments: the lute within old master paintings Adam Busiakiewicz Wednesday 23 January 2019

The lute holds a special place in the history of art: painters of the Italian Renaissance depicted golden-haired angels plucking its delicate strings; in the sixteenth century, the lute was a becoming pastime of educated courtiers, as depicted by the likes of Holbein and Titian; throughout the seventeenth century, the instrument continued to play a key role in emphasising the intimate, debauched and transient pleasures of interior scenes by Jan Steen and portraits by Frans Hals. This talk looks at the lute, and other musical instruments, as devices to express various aspects of the human character throughout the ages.  Live music performance will enhance this talk.

Adam Busiakiewicz

Adam Busiakiewicz is an Art Historian, lutenist and lecturer. After completing his Bachelor’s Degree in History at UCL, he held the position of Head of Historical Interpretation (curator) at Warwick Castle and is currently pursuing his doctorate in Art History at Warwick University. In December 2014, he became the youngest Guide Lecturer at the Wallace Collection, where he regularly gives talks, tours and lectures to both public and professional audiences.