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24 April 2019Iconic objects in art: The Triumphal Arch
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25 September 2019Chinese court costume and dress accessories of the Qing dynasty: a journey through the imperial wardrobe
23 October 2019Betty Joel: glamour and innovation in 1930’s interior design
27 November 2019Double Dutch: symbols, emblems and double entendre in Dutch genre painting

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Iconic objects in art: The Triumphal Arch Antony Buxton Wednesday 24 April 2019

The rounded arch was a fundamental element of Roman architecture, and as the triumphal arch represented power and triumph. It was adopted in architecture during the Renaissance to symbolise the roots of humanist thought – ordering the world - and also the new fascination with perspective in art. It continued to be employed architecturally in the eighteenth century to represent taste and status. It might be considered one of the iconic objects of Western art.

Antony Buxton

Dr Antony Buxton lectures on the history of art, architecture and design, and material and domestic culture for the Department for Continuing Education, University of Oxford and other British and American institutions of higher education.  Prior to academic teaching he was for many years a furniture designer-maker and period furniture conservator, leading to an interest in the way in which material and aesthetic culture, social life and values interact.