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27 February 2019Art behind bars: the role of the arts in the cycle of crime, prison and re-offending.
27 March 2019The photographs of Horace W. Nicholls
24 April 2019Iconic objects in art: The Triumphal Arch
22 May 2019Visual illusions: can you believe your own eyes?
26 June 2019Contemporary silver and metalwork in Britain
24 July 2019Clarendon Palace: rediscovering the Wiltshire palace of the Plantagenets
25 September 2019Chinese court costume and dress accessories of the Qing dynasty: a journey through the imperial wardrobe
23 October 2019Betty Joel: glamour and innovation in 1930’s interior design
27 November 2019Double Dutch: symbols, emblems and double entendre in Dutch genre painting

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Art behind bars: the role of the arts in the cycle of crime, prison and re-offending. Angela Findlay Wednesday 27 February 2019

In this thought-provoking talk, Angela offers a deeper understanding of the minds, lives and challenges of offenders. And, with extraordinary slides of art projects and prisoner’s art, she demonstrates how within the process of creating art of any discipline, there are vital opportunities for offenders to confront their crimes and develop the key life skills so essential in leading a positive and productive life.The talk casts light onto areas of our society where the Arts are not only visual, decorative, or commercial, but absolutely vital, hugely relevant and potentially life-changing.

Angela Findlay

Angela Findlay is a professional artist, writer and freelance lecturer with a long standing interest in the role the arts and the creative process can play in bringing about changes, on a personal level or within societies. Her long career of teaching art in prisons and Young Offender Institutions in Germany and England, followed by her role as the former Arts Coordinator of the Koestler Trust in London, gave her many insights into the huge impact the arts can have in terms of rehabilitation.